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A full CV can be downloaded through the link below:




NATIONALITY                                                               UK



PROFESSION                                                               Consultant Economist

ADDRESS                                                                     230, Finchley Road,

                                                                                       London NW3 6DJ,United Kingdom.

Telephone                                                                      (44-20)-7794 5977




Professional                                                                   B.Sc.(Econ.)Honours

Qualifications                                                                 M.Sc. International Relations

                                                                                                        London School of Economics

                                                                                                        and Political  Science, London University.


1976+             Consultant Marketing Economist, Vinay Chand Associates

·Agriculture, agribusiness and rural development experience particularly in Asia, Pacific and Caribbean but also in Africa,

·market information and intelligence in America, Australazia, Europe, Japan, Korea and developing countries in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean,

·commodity production, processing and marketing,

·value chain analysis and farmer portfolio analysis,

·farming systems, agro-industry, horticulture and aquaculture,

renewable energy, including biogas, biomass and biofuels,

·export development and promotion,

·water purification,

·all parts of the project cycle including feasibility studies,SMEs and investment promotion.

2008-2015     CEO of Xzero AB (Semiconductor Industry water purification)

2012-2015     Chairman of HVR AB (residential and community water purification)



1995-2001     Corporate Strategy and Marketing Director HVR of Sweden (Developing residential applications for water purification technology).

1969-78         Senior Lecturer in Business Studies, specialising in Business Policy, Corporate Strategy and International Business Environment.

1968-69         Graduate Trainee H.M. Inspector of Taxes, Assessment Division.

Advocacy role on            * Arsenic remediation from contaminated well waters in Bangladesh and        

                                          West Bengal, India.

                                               *  Polygeneration using waste heat from agri waste to generate

                                           electricity, purification and dry crops

                                       *  Integrated Coconut Processing and

                                               * a robust system that can purify any water absolutely.



International Erosion Control Association,

Partner of REEP (renewable energy and energy efficiency programme)


Technical papers for CFC: * Market Development for Higher Value Coir Products;

                                            * Road Map  for Jute.

Cocoinfo:                             * Implications for Coir Industry of Market Developments

(Asian Pacific                         in Western Europe.

Coconut Community)          * The Value of a Coconut.

                                            * Coconuts at the Crossroads.

Countries of experience





as well as general coverage of all traded products.


Most recently.

Identification of source for coconut oil that is secured from farmers in a fair way and to help develop integrated coconut processing. The process entails developing a new business model.

Identification of prospective partner for HVR in India to distribute laboratory water purifiers able to produce Type 1+ water and remove all nanoparticles.


Feasibility study on use of Xzero technology to purify Ultra Pure Water for the Semiconductor Industry and to treat waste used water. The study was undertaken for Xzero AB and financed by Vinnova, Sweden in the EU Horizon 2020 programme.


Developing polygeneration systems based on agro-waste to generate electricity, cooking gas, purify water and produce charcoal or fertiliser for

Copra Millers of Fiji Ltd for a feasibility study on RBD and VCO in addition to the existing oil mill.


Vanuatu Farmers Association participation in high value added coconut diversification.


Design and Action Fiche for Polygeneration module based on coconut shells for HVR.


Evaluations for FP Projects under KBBE programme for EU.


Advisor to Ambassador for Vanuatu at EU on current developments affecting the coconut sector.


Feasibility study on production of coconut water near Mombasa in Kenya for a private client, Connie Bryant. 


Retained advisor to Multinational Food Brand on long term procurement of coconut milk and water. Accompanied clients to Indonesia and Philippines.


EU/ACP Regional Pacific Coconut Development Programme including full feasibility analysis of projects for Vanuatu, Fiji, PNG, Solomon Islands and Samoa. A 40 Million Euros investment proposed by the study to produce coconut ice cream mix, milk, mature coconut water, rubberised coir mattresses, charcoal and activated carbon.



 Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy of Vanuatu with Madam Claire of CL Agencies in Santo


Synthesis Report on Regional Intervention of the ACP/EU All Agricultural Commodities Programme (AAACP) in the Pacific Region. Presented at debriefing   workshop in Fiji. 


Bangladesh background study for DANIDA on furture Agricutural and Agri-business intervention. Requires reviewing the sector and various donor interventions underway and those planned.


Mid term evaluation of a project in the Pacific undertaken by EC on Facilitating Agricultural Commodity Trade (FACT). Vinay visited Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea in February 2011. FACT gives direct assistance to SMEs exporting agricultural commodities and develops national capacity to do so.

Vinay with Dr Lex Thomson of FACT at the Rabaul Caldera in PNG. So enjoyable and informative to travel with Lex. The volcano behind is active again.



Participated in a rural livelihoods project in Madagascar by looking at the export market potential for cloves, vanilla, pepper and cocoa. Visited India, Indonesia, USA and Switzerland. Excellent collaboration from the industry.



Coconut Sector Strategy for Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam, for NZAid (proved waste of time). The province is the second leading producer of coconuts in the country but the local officials appear to want consolidation of farms through people moving into the city.



We are working with GTL on their investment in developing coconut husks and hope to work on cocofuel in the future. The intention is to develop all husk products, including mulch. peat and coir, mainly in South and South-East Asia. The investment could make GTL the world's largest producer and trader of peat as well as coir products.



Developing a strategy for plantation crops in the Solomon Islands  mainly on coconut development options to the stakeholders.The options include production of coconut oil as a diesel substitute, spare husks for biogas, production of high value products like milk and geotextiles, The stakeholders expressed their preferences and proposals are being prepared to present to donors.

Gizo Workshop team

Vinay completed an assignment as Team Leader with over 100 local specialists on the team as Team Leader-cum-Value Chain Specialist (International Consultant) of the IFC-SEDF funded consulting services titled Baseline Surveys and Sector Studies in Agri-business, Light Engineering, and Textiles & Apparels Sub-Sectors in Bangladesh.


The next assignment was to look at coconuts again in the Pacific. It is suprising that more steps are not underway to develop coconust in the region given the degree of dependence on the crop. Measures to assist minor crops may be fashionable but will never have the same impact as an engine of growth. Vinay travelled to Fiji to give a paper on coconut markets on behalf of the ITC at a roundtable organised by the Asian Pacific Coconut Community.


Vinay Chand was Team Leader on an EC Mission to undertake a Trade Needs Assessment in Egypt. This includes the full range of traded produce and industrial and manufactured products. The objective is to identify possible EU intervention to assist in developing trade and investment with Egypt as part of the EU Neighbourhood Policy.


Vinay Chand helped design the Cambodia Agriculture and Agribusiness Support Programme (CAASP) for AusAid. The contract included use of a local team to look at vlaue chains and farming systems for all main crops (including rice, maize, cassava, rubber, cashew nuts, fruits and vegetables and livestock) all over the country and to design areas of potential intervention by the state in the form of a framework, that donors can use. The work in Cambodia continued our interest in value chain approach and commodity analysis. In particular, it is interesting to find out precisely what is happening given the large amount of unofficial trade across porous borders that makes most of the published statistics badly misleading.


Vinay presented a paper on the Markets for and Marketability of Jute Geotextiles at a workshop organised by the International Jute Study Group in kolkotta, India. The industry from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan were well represented.In previous years we have helped prepare a Road Map for the Global Jute Sector and market studies on traditional and non traditional jute products.


We were given the opportunity of undertaking a pre-feasibility study in the Dominican Republic on integrated processing of coconuts on a private estate to be the centre of a tourism development combined with use of bio materials for energy. The products considered were coconut milk, virgin oil, mattresses and bio-energy. The use of a helicopter spoils you completely.


Helicopter shot of private Minches coconut estate in the Dominican Republic.





2017    Procurement template for CNO that is community oriented and where suppliers are willing to discuss a long                        term relationship which is mutually beneficial.

2016     Study on identification of potential partners for HVR Se. in India to produce and distribute particle eliminators to add

             on to Type 1+ water for HVR.


              Feasibility study on use of Xzero technology to purify Ultra Pure Water for the Semiconductor Industry and to treat

              waste used water. The study was undertaken for Xzero AB and financed by Vinnova, Sweden in the EU

              Horizon 2020 programme.


2015       Preparation of project profiles on poly-generation using cow dung in Bangladesh and coconut

               shells in the Pacific to generate electricity, dry crops and distill water for private clients.


               Advisor to the Ambassador of Vanuatu to the EU in Brussels on progressing development of the coconut sector

               in the country.


2014       Feasibility study on RBD and VCO for the Copra Millers of Fiji Ltd.


              Vanuatu National Farmers Association on participation in the Vanuatu Coconut development project.


               Impact of MD on yield rates in the 450 mm semiconductor industry programme for Xzero AB.



          Design and viability of polygeneration systems on remote tropical islands based on use of coconut

          shells and resulting in revenue from charcoal, village based decentralised electricity, distilled water

          and crop drying for HVR. 


2013  Feasibility Study on tender coconut water in Mombasa, Kenya for a private client.


         Evaluations of projects under FP Programme of EU.



2012  Retained Consultant for Grace Kennedy Foods of Jamaica on long term procurementy of tender

         and mature coconut water and coconut milk.



         Regional Coconut Development for the Pacific with pilot projects developed for Vanuatu, Samoa, PNG,

         Solomon Islands and Fiji. Being considered for funding by ACP/EU



2011 Mid Term Evaluation of project in the Pacific for Facilitating Agricultural Commodity Trade (FACT) for

         the European Commission as part of the exercise to plan a follow up project to the current one. Visited

         Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.



2010 Examined the market potential for exports of cloves, vanilla, pepper and cocoa from Madagascar

.       Visited Cochin, Jakarta, New York and Geneva in course of the study.



        Coconut Sector Strategy for Binh Dinh Province, undertaken for URS acting for NZAid. Spent two

         months in the Province at a time when coconut prices climbed to 30 cents per nut.



2009 Global market for and market development potential for coconut husk products, including

        mulch, peat and coir products for GTL as part of a development in South and South-East

        Asia. The client is already producing in India and in Philippines. They will invest a great deal in the next

        five years in production and dowstream processing. The strategy promises to make GTL the leading

        player in peat as well as coir.



        Resource speaker for ITC at Pacific Roundtable organised by the Asian Pacific Coconut Community in

        Fiji. Paper on Regional and global markets and marketing of coconut products.



        Participatory strategy development for the coconut sector in the Solomon Islands for ITC

        as part of the EU ACP All Commodities Programme. Initial developments are to be in Guadalcanal

,       Western Province and Malaita.options being considered include use of husks for bomass, oil for biofuel

,       milk and charcoal.



        Supervised 7 sector surveys and analysis in Bangladesh for a IFC study including: seeds,

        fresh and processed fruit and vegetables, garmenting, washing and dyeing, foundries,

        electricals, and poultry.



        Paper on Food Security at Africa Soft Commodities Conference at London by Cubic Globe.



        Team Leader/Trade Expert on EC Mission to Egypt to Provide

        a factual assessment of ongoing trade related cooperation (EC-Egypt) and identify Egypt’s

        trade and trade related assistance needs including in the area of industrial policy.




2008     Value Chain Specialist on Cambodia Agriculture and Agri-business support Programme for Aus Aid to prepare a National Sector Strategy based on value chain analysis of main commodities and design of intervention required.



            Resource speaker with paper on Markets for and Marketing of Jute Geotextiles in a workshop held in Kolkotta by the International Jute Study Group, financed by CFC.



Project Identification study on the potential for Integrated Coconut Processing for high value products and energy self sufficiency as part of an agro-tourism Estate in the Dominican Republic for a private client.



2007     Agribusiness and Marketing Project, Market Infrastructure Assessment for ABCC of the Kyrgyz Republic and financed by the World Bank. The task was to assess proposals put forward by ABCC, the local party, for a public/private wholesaler/exporter operation for Agriculture in light of rigid dogmatic scepticism on the part of the World Bank Country Officer.


Kyrgyz Republic



Feasibility study on bottling operation for spring and mineral water in Bhutan for ITC

as part of export oriented capacity building and institutional strengthening. Bhutan is exploiting spring

water for the domestic market and has identified what appear to be excellent sources of mineral water.


Thimpu, Bhutan


Assistance to prepare tenders for major long term IFC, EC and AUS AID projects


and participation in interview presentation to AUS AID.


2006     The Market and Prospects for Erosion Control materials in South East Asia including gabions, geosynthetics and biodegradables for European Client.


Preparation of Position Paper for the International Trade Centre on Assistance to Jute/Kenaf, Coir and Sisal Global Industries.


Moderator at Workshop organised in Bangkok by the Thai-German Chamber of Commerce on the Export of Fresh and Processed Fruit and Vegetables for the European Commission.


Market Development of traditional and non traditional jute products for private clients who are three leading jute mills in Pakistan. The jute industry in pakistan is viable and enjoys good local sales, they are interested in exploring export led diversification.


2005     Team Leader/Marketing Expert on Mission to Support Creation of an Intra-ACP Thematic Programme for Implementation of the Plan of Action on Agricultural Commodities and Plan of action for the EU-Africa Cotton Partnership for European Commission. The Action Plan promotes commodity based sectoral development strategies through financial contributions (45 million Euros) to the World Bank, FAO, ITC, UCTAD and CFC to promote coordination in promoting the goals of the Action Plan. The Report is now being implemented. A PMU has been established, workshops held in all Regions covered and money disbursed to the International Organisations which are co-ordinating with one another to implement projects.


Moderator and Reporter on developing a global road map for jute financed by CFC, implemented by the International Jute Study Group and workshops held in Geneva, Calcutta and Dhaka by the International Trade Centre (WTO/UNCTAD).


Jute Workshop

UK Marketing and Distribution of Small Electrical Kitchen Appliances for Purity AB, involved contact with major manufacturers, wholesalers and retail chains in order to recommend a marketing strategy for Purity and to assist in implementing it.


Global Market Opportunities for high end residential water purification systems for HVRAB and prospects for proprietary Membrane Distillation Technology.


Preparation of background technical paper on Biodiversity Promotion Facility for Agricultural Commodities proposal for funding by GEF to be used in preparation of Consultancy Proposal by leading European Consultancy. Commodities covered included coffee, cocoa, cotton, sugar, oil palm, soya, oilseeds, and sugar.


Market development, promotion and sales of first commercial water purification units based on Membrane Distillation technology for XzeroAB. The main accomplishment was to agree a tentative test programme with Intel.


2004     Mission to look at production, processing and marketing of rubber in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam to assist in the Planning for Smallholder Rubber Production and Processing in Cambodia on behalf of AFD.


Assessment and Evaluation of Global Market Opportunities for Jute and Jute Products for the SEDF of the International Finance Corporation/World Bank as assistance to Bangladesh Jute Industry.


Preparation of Conceptual and Technical Material on the identification of Pro-Poor Agricultural Growth-Engines using Commodity Chain Analysis in the framework of poverty reduction strategy for Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN (FAO).


Team Leader and Agribusiness specialist Agribusiness and Commercial Agriculture Assessment for India on a Contract for Asian Development Bank, including analysing current regulatory regime, practices and value chain analysis with a view to promoting agricultural diversification and agribusiness development and a road map for five targeted states followed up by a Loan Preparation Mission from the ADB.


2003     Export Market Prospects for Diversified Agricultural and Agri-Business Products from Cambodia for the International Trade Centre (ITC) WTO/UNCTAD. Produce considered included fruit, vegetables, spices, herbs, essential oils, juices, cashew, coconut milk and mattresses. Presentation of findings to local SMEs as well as the donor community.


Evaluation of NORAD project in Bangladesh to help participating private sector enterprises develop and export diversified value-added jute products. The project has led to product development of a higher quality fabric and products with substantial involvement of poor women working in remote rural locations.


Diversified Agriculture/Agro Business prospects in Cambodia for export led poverty alleviation for International Trade Centre (ITC). Preparation of basket of projects including horticulture, spices, essential oils and agro-processing.


Drying spices in Kampot


2002     Mission Leader on evaluation of operations and management of the Dambulla Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market in Sri Lanka and Business Plan for its possible expansion and privatisation for International Finance Corporation (IFC). Scope of study widened to Development of Horticulture in the Dambulla Region.


2001     Agriculturist on European Commission (EC) Pre-completion Evaluation Mission to Philippines on Agrarian Reform Support Project in 5 provinces: Camarines del Sur; Negros Oriental; and Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur in Northern Mindanao. The project provided support in infrastructure, credit and TA to mainly rice, sugarcane; corn and forestry small farmers empowered under land distribution schemes.


Mission on coconut product processing to Comoros for International Trade Centre in order to assess prospects for export led by-product utilisation.


2000     Business Plan for trading and distribution company to sell natural fibresand products. Operations to include warehousing, database, market development and promotion.


Evaluation of 20 years of programmes onJute Market 1999 Development and Generic 1999Promotion undertaken by

 International Trade Centre (ITC) WTO/UNCTADwithrecommendations as to future policy on jute and similar activities.


            Marketing and Distribution study in USA for electrical kitchen appliances for HVRAB . Included establishing contacts with, visiting anad arranging for samples to leading new technology outlets like Sharper Image, major retail chains, mail order and specialist stores.


1998Review and presentation of results of programme by ITC on behalf of Common Fund.


Liaison with clients and potential clients in USA and India for HVR, Xzero and Medea.


1997Assessment of market for two wheel vehicle shock absorbers in India and manufacturers for an Italian manufacturer contemplating investment in India. Part of a feasibility financed by the European Community (EC).


Mission to India to discuss arsenic contamination of water in West Bengal for HVR. Arranged tests to check HVR could indeed remove all arsenic which it can, played advocacy role in close collaboration with the Chief Minister of West Bengal and Swedish Embassy.


1996    Marketing and Strategy for HVR: evaluation of options, financing and web stock trade.

HVR Products


Negotiations with Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, IDBI and Venture partners on $10 million Processing Complex in Tamil Nadu, India by MCC Scarab.


            Undertook market research in Europe for CDE, EC sponsored feasibility study on

            production of coconut milk and coir products in Ghana.


1995     Business Plan for HVR, producing point of use and point of entrywater purifiers.


            Project Profile on Coconut Food Products Processing for private client in Ghana.


            Mission by coir producers from the Philippines to India and Sri Lanka for US AID.

1994     Market Development & Promotion of Coir and Coir Moss from India and Sri Lanka. Project funded by the Common Fund and executed by ITC.


            Feasibility Study on Production of Coconut Food Industry Ingredient using wet1993processing of coconuts in Kiribati for        European Community.


Feasibility Study on Coconut Processing in Kiribati for Commonwealth Fund CFTC.


           Updating Financial Analysis on Feasibility Study on Point of Use Water Purifier for HVR.


Manhiki, Cook Islands


1992 Feasibility study on Coconut Processing by Cook Islands for CFTC.


              Product and Market Development of Rubberised Coir mattresses and upholstery toUK, Germany and Sweden for   ITC.

              Mission Leader/Economist Mid Term Project Review ofKerafed(Edible Oil Processing) European Community

              grant funded project for Kerala, India incl. 3 Expeller,SolventExtraction plant and improving copraproductivity and trading.


1991      Mission Leader/Economist on European CommunityMission to Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka on ‘Coconut Farming Systems in South India’ to formulate project on intensification of productivity.


            Feasibility study on Coconut Development Prospects in Papua New Guinea and for food products,

            upholstery and activated carbon. I FC/World Bank.


Vulcan in the Rabaul Caldera proved to be a menace for the site proposed in Papua New Guinea. A few years later it destroyed the town itself confirming reservations expressed on the site in the evaluation.

            Feasibility study on activated carbon from coconuts shell charcoal in Vanuatu for IFC/World Bank.


World market & distribution of spices, essential oils and oleoresins for group in India.


ITC Consultant to Philippines, to assist enterprises export coir and products.


            Feasibility study on ‘Home Water Purifiers’ for HVR.


1990     Business Plan on rinse water systems for Semiconductor Industry for Ultravatten.


            Feasibility study on Tiger Prawn Farming in Philippines for Etoile DeMerPhilippines.


            Availability of hydrophobic microfiltration membranes for Ultravatten.


1989     Competitiveness of abaca fibre with synthetic substitutes, FAO.


            World Market for Rinse Water for the Semiconductor Industry for Ultravatten.


            Market Development Prospects for Rubberised Coir in UK, Germany and Sweden in light of new safety regulations for ITC.


           Negotiations with Intel and IBM for testing new rinse water system for Ultravatten.


1988    Feasibility study on Coconut Development in the Salalah Region of Sultanate ofOman.


           Production of Spices and Essential Oils in Central Java, Indonesia for BAT Indonesia.


1987    Agro-industrial Development of Gunung Putri, Indonesia for De Bank Indover.


            Aquacultural Developments SE Asia for Cellsystems, Cambridge, UK.


1986    Project identification study on a National Agricultural Centre in Portugal & Jamaica.


Pre-feasibility Horticultural Development of Lido Site, W. Java Indonesia as Agro-Tourism Project.


Pre-feasibility study on Tapos Horticultural Development in West Java, Indonesia.


1985     Identification study on Agro-Tourism of Puncak, West Java, Indonesia for PT Berca. Proposals centred on acquisition of a former rubber estate just outside Bogor. the tourism aspects were implemented.


1984     Asian Development Bank Pre-appraisal Loan Mission to Indonesia for Horticulture.


            Asian Development BankMission to Western Samoa for Agricultural Sector Review.


Regional Development of Coconuts in CARICOM, for European Development Fund.


1983    Member of FAO Investment Centre/World Bank Mission to the Director General Estates, Indonesia,

          to assist in formulation of fourth five year plan.


         UNDP Programme for Sri Lanka to devise Market Information and Intelligence for Coconut Development Board.


         Market Development Prospects for coir products in USA and Japan for FAO.


1982   Identification in Philippines for a coconut food plant for Alfa Laval & Tetra Pak.


         Feasibility study on Development of the Philippine Coir Industry for FAO.


         Feasibility study on rubberised coir products in Sri Lanka. Since implemented.


1981   Papers on coconut processing and marketing at a seminar in PNG for IDU


         Market Prospects for fresh, frozen and tinned Tuna from Fiji funded by CFTC.


1980   Market Development and Promotion Prospects for Coir and CoirProducts ITC.


           Market Development and Promotion Prospects for Sisal and Sisal Products ITC.


1979    Increased processing of apples for juice for Apple & Pear Marketing Board.


           Prospects Fruit & Vegetables from Kenya to Europe, Kulia Investments.


           Acquisition Study for Wilkinson Match on RFD, a UK company.


1978    A study for Irish Fisheries Board on Prospects for Salmon Farming.


           Pre Feasibility Study on Fresh Limes, Juice and Oil in Gambia for CFTC.


           The Foreign Investment Business Environment in India for a private client.


1976 to 1978


           Consultant while Senior Lecturer at the University of The South Bank, London, UK.


1977     Market Development of Non Traditional Jute Products from India for CFTC.


‘Marketing, Distribution & Handling Citric Acid in W. Europe’ for Pfizer.


             World Market for Cashew nuts and Products from Mozambique CFTC.


             Markets for Fresh and Processed Fruits and Vegetables in Europe for World Bank.


1976      Optimal Strategy for Procurementof Soya Beans, Oil and Meal for Angola.


             Acquisition Study for Metal Box on Machinery to Produce Confectionery.


             Marketing & Distribution of Sisal Baler & Binder Twine from Tanzania for CFTC.


             World Market for Soya and Products and Buying Strategy for ETCO Commodities.


1975      Coordinating a major study on World Market for Cigars and Dark Tobacco for Cubatobacco.



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